Chargeback Alerts

Have you ever received a chargeback and it was passed the deadline to dispute it?


Chargeback Alerts has revolutionized the world of the credit card processing industry with its chargeback notification program. This system gives merchants a wider opportunity to avoid chargebacks altogether.


Chargeback Alerts allows communication between the card issuer and the merchant by email alerts notifying the merchant that a chargeback has occurred within days, sometimes even hours or minutes. There by changing the three to six week notification process.Some ways merchants can avoid chargebacks after they have already been submitted:


  • Contact the Customer
    Merchants contacting their customer about the chargeback can often times result in a refund allowing them to avoid high chargeback ratios. Often times a customer requests a chargeback because they ordered the wrong product or the product or service wasn’t exactly what they were expecting.


  • Stop Order Fulfillment
    This avoids fraudulent orders and loss of product. Being notified of a chargeback before a merchants customer order leaves the building can help save them time and money. Normally the merchants product is long gone before they are ever notified someone has issued a chargeback thus leaving the merchant with lost revenue and product.


Chargeback Alerts is NOT a chargeback insurance. It is an email notification process that communicates chargeback information to merchants quicker to avoid high chargeback ratios. Chargeback Alerts can help reduce your chargeback ratio by 33%.