ISO / Agent / Reseller Programs

Merchant First’s Agent / Reseller Program is designed to meet the needs of the Financial Institutions, Independent Sales Organizations and Professional Sales Agents.

Our payment processing solutions give Agents & Resellers the tools and resources needed to succeed in today’s competitive payment processing marketplace.

Merchant First is changing the way ISO Agent and Reseller Programs work. Instead of offering a portion of one solution to earn revenue, we offer revenue earnings across entire opportunities.

You have several options to earn revenue when you sign up with Merchant First to be an ISO Agent or Reseller. You have the choice of doing referrals or Private Labeling our solutions or shared technology.


Accept Payments

We offer credit card, ACH, debit card, Check21, Check conversion processing for eCommerce, MOTO and retail (card present) transactions.

Instant Accept

Spend more time increasing revenue for your business and less time with bookkeeping while keeping your data secure.

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Full Service POS

Merchant First’s full service POS System is comprised of many different options. Merchants can customize their experience for their personal business needs.

Chargeback Alerts

Chargeback Alerts has revolutionized the world of the credit card processing industry with its chargeback notification program. This system gives merchants a wider opportunity to avoid chargebacks altogether.

Private Label Payment Gateway

Merchant First’s proprietary payment gateway provides fast, affordable and secure end to end payment processing solutions.

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